What Should You Do When the Person You Love Doesn't Love You Back?

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Do You Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You

It is the best option to accept the reality and try to move on. But – is it so easy? Is it possible for everyone to control mind? Mind flows in its own way. 

I can feel the pain of being unloved by the one whom you love with all your heart. These feelings are especially aggravated when you know that the person you love is probably the ONE for you. Most of the people hang on with the hope that they can get the other person to love them back and yet these hopes never materialize leaving you distraught and teary eyed. It is difficult but it is the best course of action is to move on with your life – live a happy life.

What Should you do

You must Accept the Reality: When we are in love with someone it feels like he/she is the only person that will make us happy and we do not think that we can never be happy with the person who will not love us. Accept that the love is not mutual and try to move on in life. Do not invest any more time or thought or energy in this person. Acceptance and realization of these facts will allow you to change your focus and take the first steps towards moving on.

Move on Life does not stop for one person: Stay away from places and things that might remind you of him/her. Instead do things that will keep you busy such as spending time with friends, doing the things that you like to do and which make you happy. This will make you stop fantasizing about the person and make you look at other things in life.

Fall in Love:  Instead stop torturing yourself about how inadequate you are and how great the other person is and move on in life. Pay attention to yourself and do not dwell on unnecessary things. With time you will learn to forget and fall in love again.

Live life well

Create your own happiness by any means necessary. Take care of yourself. Reward yourself. And accept only those relationships which make you a better person.

True love is when two people are able to emotionally and mentally share the feelings for each other. This makes the love healthy, balanced and just right for a person. So if you have expressed your love for someone and he/she does not seem to love you back, then do not waste your valuable love on someone who does not care for it. Although you love someone who doesn't love you, remember that it is not the end of the world. In time you would surely meet the person who not only makes you happy, but loves you to pieces as well.

How Can You Break Up with Someone You Love

While the above cases are just a few causes to break up. Now come the question How to break up? It is very painful and sticky topic about how to break up with someone you love and live with or without.


  • Prepare yourself for the situation.
  • Bee gentle.
  • Look for the right time and see if your partner is in a state of mind where he/she can take the blow.
  • Maintain some distance to your partner before you actually break up. Just cut off contact for a week before. Do not give too much information, just say you’re busy. Do not delay breaking up it only makes the situation worst.
  • Do not create a big issue.
  • Do not create up a complicated story. Means it will help you to avoid a big tear scene.

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